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About TCD

TCD is a Cameroonian based design studio with a great illustration of talents and creativity. We are a dedicated team of professionals specialized in modern designs and styles.

The origin of TCD dates back to 1980, with an interest in designing through a family run business. The desire never varnished as the appetite for good looks was a dream. It became a reality in the early 90s when the first design was created. It immediately gained widespread recognition and has since then become the people?s choice. We have since gained national and international recognition from our customers with an expanding market.TCD is challenged with a myriad of fashion blends, technological advancements and competitive designs in the industry; which only serves as a motivation to create our unique styles and brands.

TCD is a fashion designing house with branches in Cameroon, United States; France, United Kingdom and Belgium. We are designers apt with skills and talents to meet up with the challenges of the growing fashion world. Our family has been in the custom tailor business for three decades, servicing clients from around the world.


Our clients range from diplomats to business leaders, showbiz stars to MCs, professionals to civil servants and administrators.

Dear Customers we depend on you:

  • TCD offer you an effective, courteous and professional services through various channels.
  • TCD will always listen to you and provide you quality feedback.
  • TCD will provide you simple, innovative and affordable solutions designed according to your needs.
  • TCD dedicate a dynamic and qualified team to serve you.
  • TCD will continuosly provide you with the best custom suits, shirts and your dream looks.
  • TCD will commit to reinforce our partnership and be there to meet your imaginations.
  • TCD will treat you with empathy and deliver our promise.

M?tier & Specialty

We are specialized in the making of customized suits for Men and Women, African design suits, safari suits and custom shirts of various classic designs. We have a constant eye on quality and service and we are ever conscientious regarding pricing. There is no extra charge for men's big and tall sizes.


Our fabrics range from, pure cotton and linens to real cashmere, super wool; super 100, 150 and 200. We are highly skilled and vey experience tailors and cutters for our custom made clothing and only the best in linings, canvas and buttons are used on our products. Since we are manufacturers ourselves and do not subcontract production to third party manufacturers, we are able to control all the aspects of construction and quality to achieve an extremely high degree of consistently top class products.

Our staffers are competent and devoted to meet up with the needs of the increasing command of our products in the European and American markets.

Fashion to us is a day to day thing and we therefore guarantee our clients the possibility to alter their dressing habits by providing them with a wide range of designs. We are accredited for our designs by famous celebrities in the world.

Our Guide

If you can imagine it, be sure we can create it. Fashion to us is looking good, and looking good is good business.

For more information please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use our online contact form.