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Customer Feedback

I ordered a suit from you last year and I am amazed how much attention it gets when I wear it. As a corporate worker, it is very important what I wear and how I look. So I just wanted to say thank you TCD

Tanyi Tambe, USA.

One word- fantastic! Everyone was professional and friendly and they knew exactly what I wanted. I love wearing my bespoke suit on the wedding day even if the the heat in Milan is over 33 degree!!!

Amah Fred, Milan.

Fantastic services, I had 7 suits made by TCD for my wedding. Everyone was so excited to see me in them, including my future wife. I will be back??.

Frank Ryan, UK.

I have no hesitation of saying, Excellent service! Sensible pricing! My dinner suit its simply impeccable. I can't praise TCD and staff enough. All my expectations exceeded! I know where I will be getting all my suits in the future.

Gallop Quest, USA.